Success Stories

“From the first minute I met Dr. Seidman, I felt comfortable about proceeding with surgery. I knew this was a doctor I could really trust.
He told me everything that was going to happen step-by-step. I can now breathe so much better, and I’m very confident about the way I look. I love his work!” – ELEANORA

“I’m really proud of my ethnic background, so the last thing I wanted was a little, turned-up nose. I still wanted to look like me, not some perfect mannequin. Dr. Seidman totally understood and gave me a nose that fit my face perfectly as well as respected my heritage. Now everyone tells me how terrific I look, not how different I look.” – CHRISTINA

“I had broken my nose so badly that I had trouble breathing out of one side of my nose. It was especially difficult for me during allergy season. But I was a little hesitant to have surgery. However, Dr. Seidman really made the decision an easy one. He put my mind at ease…he explained everything and then did everything he explained, both therapeutically and cosmetically. He’s one terrific surgeon.” – JOSEPH

“The cartilage at the end of my nose had collapsed, and I didn’t know
the best way to have it fixed. Dr. Seidman has this incredible talent for explaining things to you in a way that you can really relate to. I’m a seamstress, so he discussed the sewing technique he was going to use, which really helped put me at ease. And the result is incredible…he crafted a nose that was absolutely perfect for the rest of my face and completely natural. ” – ANGELA

“If I was going to have rhinoplasty, it was really important to me to feel comfortable and confident about the way I looked. Dr. Seidman did such an amazing job that nobody knows anything was done at all unless I tell them, because my nose looks so natural. I just love my face!” – ELIZABETH